Thursday Thoughts: Who Cares?

Despite statements in yesterday's post, today I was quite inspired by a video that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed today. It was a video titled Billboard TOP 5 Mitzvah Invitation feat. Brody, basically of a pre pubescent 13 year old kid jumping around with his friends and family to (in my opinion, some of the worst) pop hits. It's pretty cringe worthy terrible, however this kid (who I would describe as a young Kevin from The Office) truly doesn't care, he's just a pretty confident kid having a good time trying to hype people up about his Bar Mitzvah. (I couldn't stop cracking up at the less-than-amused brother.) Watch it till the end, the naked scene is really something- and makes you wonder if he was actually naked for the filming because the censor square is not very big. I can't even believe I just wrote that. 

I don't think there will be a time that I or any of us completely stop caring about what people think of us. Going out into public to shoot pictures of people is less than comfortable to say the least, but in the end what is the worst that could happen? Someone thinks I'm weird? Honestly they would probably think that even if they did know who I am.

I remember once listening to a friend of mine talk about her mother who had died and she said that whenever anyone ever talked about her, they talk about the amazing friend she was or the charity work she did, not the stupid mistakes she made or weight she gained or times she did made a fool of herself. Though the living never speak wrong of the dead, there is so much truth to what really matters in this life. Hate to be all "eff the haters" but hey, you can't please everyone. 

Happy Thursday! Have an amazing rest of the week you awesome human being. {Image}

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