Worth Talking About: Umami Burger

Tacos, burgers and pizza are arguably the holy trinity of eating out. Go-to American classics, there is nothing better than the promise of one of these three for your next meal. (I apologize if that made no sense- I have been quite sleep deprived the last couple of days. Who takes three days to get over jet lag?) 

After hearing from about Umami Burger, I was really happy to finally get to try it. When traveling, rather than brunch I tend to steer towards "linner," eating a following a late breakfast and decided to head down to the Umami in Palo Alto. The decor is absolutely adorable and unique to the specific location as it was decorated like a library with giant bookshelves and the food was even more amazing. Oh. my. goodness. It was hands down the most flavorful burger ever. You can really tell that there is special attention to detail to the meat and each individual topping -even my own mother couldn't resist having a bite. They have locations primarily in New York and California, so defiantly try it if you can!

Happy Thursday- hope you have a great rest of the week!

Locations // NY |CA| IL | NV

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