3 Things I Learned at 19

It's funny what a little bit of nice weather and cancelled class can do to your mood. Though I'm not the biggest "birthday person," my 20th birthday is this Sunday and I can't believe how quickly time is flying.  I will be doing a whole reflection post and video about my sophomore year in a couple of weeks, but here are three things that stick out from the past year:

Just Do It
This was by far the most important thing I have learned this year in both my combat of procrastination and following my dreams. *~~*~** Get that laundry done. Buy that camera and use it. Make more posts. Life is way too short to wake up and dread what you have to do  or think about the what ifs. 

It's everywhere, and if you let it consume you, it will. The problem is that negativity can come from the most unlikely of sources. If someone makes you feel less than amazing whether it be an acquaintance, friend, significant other, cut them out. 

Everyone is on their own path 
I feel like since everyone is starting to kind of pave the star of their adult life, it's important to remember that not everyone has everything When it comes to timing, some people will find their dream job, life partner or calling at 20, 35, 40 or 60. Never compare yourself to anyone else- you'll only stress yourself out.

Happy Thursday- have an amazing weekend! {Image}

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