Easy Way of Journaling

I am very sentimental person. Whether it's polaroids, letters or programs, I love keeping little trinkets in my memory box and looking through them later. The problem with journaling is the amount of time it seems to take and with blogging and YouTube, it's a lot of documenting to write full on stories every day. However, because there are so many little things that happen and we forget, I came up with an easy system for journaling. As a camp counselor, we would have "feeling check" where we go through the high and lows of the day every night. It's a great day to unwind and reflect and I have slightly altered it into a list form that works for journaling every night. 

Low: Of course, you got to start at the lows and end with the highs. 

High: The best part of you day- I love the idea of looking through it at the end of the year and remembering all of the good things that made the year! 

Song: There is a great quote that "music is the closest thing to time travel." I always like to write down whatever song was stuck in my head that day. It'll be fun to look back through them in 5 or 10 years!

Hope you have a great start to the week!

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