Finals are Coming.....

Cue the Jaws theme song. 

Let me just say, I would write an entire rant about filming videos in college, however I'm pretty sure it would just be a ten page long post that no one would care about. The process of getting enough time, lighting, decent hair, and energy to work in perfect harmony is next to impossible.  That being said, I finally got birthday present in the mail- a new lens and have had way to much playing around with it. I decided to share some advice and supportive words for everyone's favorite time of year. Would love if you check it out below and subscribe if you'd like for more! Some of my tips: 

Have a great hump day- we're almost there! {Image}

P.S. Also just watched this video, besides the part about Opinion Outpost (still seems to good to be true), all of it is far from true. Blogging and Youtube is not easy money starting out- do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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