Nostalgia Monday

Oh, it's happening. The school year is winding down and I'm feeling pretty nostalgic. If you are a senior in high school going to college CHERISH IT. I can't even imagine what I will be saying in two years when I graduate. I will be doing a whole recap of sophomore year (probably in a video), but here are some photos that really sum up the past year.

By far the best class that I have ever taken and probably will take in college- we had our last Management 101 company meeting tomorrow and I'm gonna miss seeing these people everyday!

Of course one of the biggest things that happened this year was joining my sorority. I've talked about it many times, but it really made my year, getting to meet some of my best friends and taking lots and lots of polaroids.

Classic sunny moment on the quad. Did I ever mention that I go to the most beautiful school in the world? I am really going to miss the fall here!

Of course I had to include a photo of some hot chocolate from 7th Street Cafe. I always get hot chocolate from the Bison (our upperclassmen dining hall) and it took until today after probably a hundred times of me getting it before the Bison worker finally said "oh, you're getting hot chocolate, right?" Really nice, but of course it had to be at the end of the year...

Happy Monday! 

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