Open Suites!

Tomorrow is the last weekend of the year, and the annual open suites at Bucknell! It's basically the chance for PNMs (potential new members) to see what formal recruitment will be like in the fall and for sorority members to practice what to do. It's a lot of talking and singing, so this probably wasn't the best time to wake up with no voice...

To my dear chapter who I owe so much, coming into college I was told by multiple professors,  I "didn't seem like a sorority girl," (whatever that means). I've written about it before, but from the first round, I knew that Theta was the one for me. On Bid Day however, I realized that I only kind of knew one person in my entire pledge class. Eight months later, I have gained so many experiences, had so much fun and met some of my best friends at Bucknell. Though I will miss it so much next semester, I can't wait to come back and see all of the new members (and maybe steal some of my friends' littles). 

Happy Saturday! {Image}
P.S. In case you missed it, a video all about my experience.

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