The Best Weekend

Hello, hello! I feel like this was the first "true" warm weekend of the year. Not gonna sugarcoat it, my birthday last year was a bad culmination of homesickness, timing with Easter when everyone left and exhaustion that had me in the Caf alone crying to my mom over a plate of chocolate chip pancakes. This weekend could not have been more different. I am so thankful to my incredible family and friends who took the time to make my birthday amazing. I remember my 13th birthday so well and though in some ways it feels like yesterday, it's also crazy to think how much has happened since. Quick weekend recap: 

Friday was a great combination of times with friends and Panera. Genna and I spent the night singing (her good, me not so much) and I could not be happier to have friends to just hang out with and have heart to hearts with on Friday nights. 

Saturday was unreal. That's all I could keep saying- with Admitted Student's Day of course the weather was 75 and sunny (keep in mind it snowed a couple of weeks ago). I mostly spent the day outside relaxing and spent the day mostly soaking in the beautiful campus. 

On Sunday I got some amazing brunch in the cutest town over. We then had our promo shoot for Theta, and though I am the biased photographer, I am so happy with the way they turned out. We also had our final London meeting at our professors' house and everything is becoming very real! Long story short, 20 is looking pretty good. 

Happy Sunday- hope you got to Target and got all the Lilly Pulitzer your heart desired. I also had to throw in a throwback from my mom- older girl, same hair. 

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