Tumblr. (+ Updates)

Super quick post and sorry about getting up posts up so late this week! Saying it in a low key way, April is kind of killing me. I am trying to get as many on time posts and videos as possible, but unfortunately school is dragging me into piles of homework, papers and projects. Fortunately in a couple of weeks, I will be on summer break (where did this semester go?) and will have time to make videos and amazing posts. Stay tuned! 

It was pretty much inevitable, but I finally caved and got a Tumblr. Of course it is in the middle of the craziest month of the semester. It's only been a couple of hours, but I am already obsessed. If you want to follow along, I will likely be on it constantly while attempting to work at the library. 

Any Tumblr tips or people to follow? Let me know! 

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