1/2 Way Done

Today is the day I am packing the car and heading back to Arlington. Fortunately I know I will be back in ten days for graduation, which softened the reality that I won't be back until January. With the end of the term, I wanted to share the most important thing that I learned my sophomore year. 

Just do it. Sounds so cliche (like everything else on here) but I have used this phrase more this year than ever. Whether it's trying something just because, taking the leap and quitting something that doesn't make you happy or finally doing something that you have always wanted to do, it's the biggest waste of time not just going for it. I took more risks, Examples? Stopping rowing, asking people to be in Fashion Fridays, making an YouTube channel, rushing, taking MGMT 101, getting Invisalign, joining HC and branching out and finding new friends. They are all things that took me out of my comfort zone, but challenged me to do what I really wanted to do. 

I had to include a photo taken the last day of freshman year. It's kind of crazy to see how much has changed since then, though it  also seems like just yesterday! Have a great start to the weekend!

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