Cleaning Out Your Life

The picture below is currently what my life looks like. One of my big goals coming home is to get my childhood room in order because after a couple of years in college, my room at home kind of feels like a museum. It has been overwhelming, but I can't wait to put together my new room and will post all about the final result!

Look into Storage | For a long time, my parents were against it, but over time, we realized that the best thing to do was to get a storage unit rented down the street, which has turned out to be great and pretty affordable.

Sometimes the Memories Are Enough | Enough said.

1 Year Rule | There have been some things that I questioned if I should toss or not. I decided to put it away and see if I use it in a year, and then if not get rid of it.

Break it Up | Going through two decades of you life can be overwhelming. The key is to  make lists and tackle sections at a time (eg: desk, closet, under the bed). 

Happy Tuesday! {Image one//two}

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