Preppy Guy Grad Gifts: The Lucky Knot


Coming from a family of (almost) all guys, I know the difficulty of buying presents for the males in your life. (Just tell me what you want, Dad!) Fortunately I have discovered one of the best gems next door in Alexandria, The Lucky Knot. It carries just about every preppy brand, including a lot that are only easy to find online. They also have a web site, but if you live near or visit DC, it's well worth a visit. It's divided into a guy and girl section and is a mecca for any preppy guy. 

My brother needed me to get a high school graduation gift for a friend. I went into the store and was blown away by how much stuff they had, and not at outrageous prices. I got this awesome leather belt and some koozies- something I figured every college freshman should have. I also stopped by paper source to find wrapping paper that didn't have Santa or pink - I thought the knotted rope added a rustic touch. 
Have a great start to the weekend! 

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