Weekly Thoughts: Haters

Something about this post made me feel like I needed to include a camp fire...to burn the haters?
Not gonna lie, I was very tempted to title this "H8ters." I want to switch it up and just post weekly rather than every Thursday. I know this is a major inconvenience and may mess up your schedule, so I am deeply sorry for any distress this may have caused. 

Lately, I have been doing research online and somehow came across a site that I can't believe took me so long to discover called "Get off my internets," which turned out to be a blogger hater forum. I decided to look and like watching a car accident, I couldn't look away. I never realized the number of pure jerks out there who have taken it into their hands to pick apart and analyze the lives of these people online. I was shocked and frankly quite disgusted. (I honestly would like to see what some of these holier-than-thou people are doing- probably sitting on their laptops in some random basement.)

The older I'm getting, the more I realize how important it really is to surround yourself with positive people. Though I am nowhere near the level of these people who get forums posted about them, I have experienced negativity like everyone else in the world. What's scary is where this negativity can come from- friends, family, trusted acquaintances, or worse those people who seem to take some sort of joy when things don't work out (I imagine we all have someone who comes to mind). All I can say is remember to a) distance yourself as much as possible and b) that those people are probably hating because of something that is internal and has nothing to do with you. If you are hating- whether consciously or subconsciously- think what kind of joy are you getting out of this? Contrary to what we have been trained to believe our whole lives, there really can be two people standing on the first place podium. 

I got a really great piece of advice from someone who I greatly admire when talking about taking photos in public. She too felt the uncomfortable feeling that I expressed and told me to just put yourself out there to get the shot and to "ya know, you got to just ignore the haters." Well said. 


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