Wrangler Love.

There is a great segment in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where Carmen describes all of the girls as cars, ranging from the safe and familiar to the wild and dangerous. I would definitely describe myself as a Jeep Wrangler- a little bit unconventional, but fun nonetheless.

I wrote in my original 101 list that I really wanted to help my 17 year old brother T.R. get a Jeep, however I came home this weekend to find that he had already done it on his own (a family trait- we will work and do whatever it takes to make something happen). I had the chance to drive it a bit and oh my god. Despite being an older noisy stick shift, it is the most amazing summer car. 

Probably not the most safe or practical, but kind of a great example about sometimes you just have to do something purely for fun. As we fix it up, look out for many more photos to come! 

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