3 Things I Learned...From 2 Shifts

Since I started my job last week and have completed 2 whole shifts, here is some knowledge I thought I'd share with you plebes. Just kidding, but even in the short time of my restaurant career I have learned so much. 

Diner Dash is Real | You remember that game Diner Dash where you have to serve tables and it starts out really slow and then picks up so quickly? Sometimes things will be so slow and easy, and then will pick up quickly and be incredibly busy. Comfortable shoes are key- the uglier, the better.

Tips are Everything | Throughout the very limited times that I have been to restaurants, I have always made an effort to leave a tip (parents who do not teach their kids this, shame on you). Especially at a place that has returning guests, no one wants to be labeled the bad tipper and servers count on them for everything. 

The More You Give, The More You Get | This goes both ways for the customer and the staff. The more you interact with a customer, the more enjoyable it is for server and the customer will have staff that goes above and beyond for them.


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