Channels To Combat Top Radio

Really need to get these rose gold headphones...
There is nothing better in the summer than blasting music in the car (making a mental note to remember to fix the radio that magically broke- the best). However, hearing the same Taylor Swift song for the millionth time...not such a great thing.

I feel like I'm always on the search for new music, whether it's for a run, an upcoming long drive or a video that can't be copy written. To be honest, I get new songs from some of the most random of places- sorority Tumblrs come to mind. Here are two really awesome YouTube music channels (and using this website converts them into MP3s).

Vibewithit // The Knocks- Classic (Discotech Remix) + TLC Waterfalls (Bixel Boys Remix)

MUSIC4MONTAGE // P-Holla - Do it For Love + Timeflies- Glad You Came

Happy Hump Day! {image}

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