Honest Triangl Review

If you have an active Instagram account, then you're probably aware of the Triangl bikini trend that has been sweeping the nation. And like all of the females on Instagram, I caved and bought one. While looking online, I came across a bunch of raving reviews, and I wanted to include one that included some of the information that I never read about. Of course this is just one style, but hopefully it will answer any questions you may have if you are looking into purchasing. 

Even though the international shipping was pricy at $20, it came from the other side of the world within 3 days, so shoutout to FedEx. Let me say that it looks insanely cool. Props to you, Triangl, for creating something that looks just as awesome in person. When I actually tried it on is where the disappointment set in. To start, while the Neoprene material means that the bikini keeps its shape, the Neoprene material makes it really hard to stretch at all. The bottoms also ride really low. What I did like was the adjustable straps on the side, however the support was barely there and this top didn't really fit me at all. 

In the end, I am sad to say that I will be returning it, with more crushed dreams by not having the body and metabolism of a 15 year old boy. I may look at a different style, but for now, it will only exist in my life on Instagram. 

If you are looking into Triangl, I recommend it if you have a smaller bust and aren't in a rush (since you may have to exchange for a different size). 

Have a great day!

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