How To: Successfully Shop w/ Mom

Like many females out there, I have a big love-hate with shopping. Pro? Cute clothes. Con? Spending money. Pro? Cute clothes. Con? Stress.

When it comes to shopping, my mother is the best and worst person to have around. I love her and she has great taste, but we always seem to get into "creative discussions" about where to go and what we're getting. The other day we went to the mall, took a different approach and were super successful. 

Start With a Plan | Know which stores you're going to and what you're getting. This always saves a lot of wondering around.

Don't Be Too Specific | The sure-fire way to ensure you have a terrible time is to go looking for one specific thing that you don't already know is there. Not only does this guarantee disappointment, but it also eliminates the possibility of finding something better. 

Give it Time | Just never, ever go shopping in a rush with your mother. Ever.  You will see every neighbor and long lost relative you've ever had.


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