Thursday Thoughts: What I Learned From a Monsoon

Just a quick post for the start to your weekend! With writing the book, I have been writing so much lately that getting to Thursday Thoughts has been a bit daunting. However, tonight I had an experience that I knew going through it I wanted to get down on paper. 

Long story short, last night I had to walk home 4 miles in the rain. When I say rain, I mean monsoon. It got to the point where I was just embracing it, because by that time, there was nothing else I could do. Anyway, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when I noticed an old man being pushed in a wheel chair by an even older woman. They were clearly in deep poverty and as I walked by I couldn't help think how lucky I was to have what I have. I knew that I would go home to a house and sleep in a bed. Even if I was upset about having to go the 4 miles, at least I knew I wouldn't have to do it every day. Maybe I had to walk, but hey, at least I could walk. 

In the end, life is going to beat you down. Sometimes it's a really aggressive old lady with a bag of rocks. There is a saying out there that I like to remember when I'm having a tough time- "someone would kill to have your bad days." And like a lot of cliches out there, it's true. 

Have a great Thursday!

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