5 Things

Being the shopaholic I am, there are definitely some things that I regret buying. Having a mother who works in fashion, I have come to learn the concept of value and worth. Here are some of my most loved pieces that I think every girl should own. 

1. A Silk Kimono | Everyone. Needs. This. It will change your life I promise. 

2. A Nice Pair of Sunglasses | Maybe not for every occasion outside, but I have found that I have taken better care of my sunglasses (and not lost them) because I knew that they were pricy to replace. My whole family has matching sunglasses, and we swear by them.

3. A Memory Box | You know the age old question, what would you save if your house was on fire? For me, it would be my memory box. I store ticket stubs, Polaroids, letters and journals. It's really fun to open it up every once in a while, especially for cheering up on a bad day.

4. A Sentimental Piece of Jewelry | I have bought my share of Forever 21 jewelry, but every girl needs a classic piece they can wear every day (read: doesn't turn your fingers green). 

5. The Perfect Black Dress | Ok, typical but I couldn't resist. Something that you would wear if you were running into your ex husband picking up your son from daycare nice. 

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