The "Camp Dance"

I wanted to include another section of what I'm working on for I'm Almost There. Hope you enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend! {Image}

One of the best things we had at camp was the Camp Dance (capital letters felt appropriate). My first year, this thing was hyped about more than the weekly Taco Tuesday. As a Mexican food lover, knowing this made it clear that what was going to go down at the Camp Dance would change our young lives as we knew it. In the cabin of nine year olds I was in, their was a girl named Cara, who of course had a date. Now looking back, I’m not really sure if he even knew about the ordeal, but the rest of us girls did. Since most of us had barely held hands with a boy yet alone been asked to a dance, we were living vicariously through her as ladies maids while Cara got ready. We watched as she chose a glittery shrug, dangly earring and kitten heels, wondering what it was like to be so fabulous. Honestly looking back now, I’m pretty sure that I threw on some Limited Too skirt and cheap eye shadow before heading out. We were in for what we would believe to be the ride of our lives. And then we got there.

There was no slow dancing, no romantic song and not even some damn punch. Instead everyone else was dressed up in wacky costumes that were a far cry from Cara’s sleek getup. However for the next coming years, the Camp Dance has been my and a lot of fellow friend’s favorite event. We as humans care a lot about what people think about us. I’m well represented in this- it’s a part of human nature. There’s also a constant culture that surrounds us saying “you can’t wear this or do this, that would be weird.” or “you look really awkward right now, stop.” The magic of the camp, but the Camp Dance especially, was it was the one night of the year, that you could dance to cheesy music in a ridiculous getup, and nobody really cared. They were too busy enjoying themselves to judge what everyone else was up to. Seeing it as a 20 year old is a really cool thing, because you cherish and understand the rarity of it more than before. Guys wear dresses and girls wear boxer shorts and everyone seems to have a great time. One of the most telling signs of a miserable person is when they don’t have self love to be satisfied without clouding up everyone else’s sky. Sometimes you just have to put on a ridiculous costume and literally dance like nobody’s watching.  

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