Erin and J.T.'s Wedding (the first batch of photos)

After 6 years of knowing Erin, Christmases, vacations and what would have to be hundreds of mushy Facebook statuses, J.T. and Erin tied the knot on Saturday in Lake Tahoe, California! The setting was gorgeous and it could not have been more perfect. Of course I will be posting more, including what I wore, but here are some photos from the weekend. Links to her shower and guest post.

The first dance!

If you are ever in northern California, Lake Tahoe is an awesome place to go- summer or winter!
Erin and her MOH, Hilary at the Rehearsal Dinner

The ceremony was as heartfelt as it was gorgeous

Have a great day and look for the wedding video, up later this week! Make sure to subscribe here. 

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