Favorite Instagram Accounts

Being a typical girl, I am guessing no one is shocked to hear me say I love Instagram. In my defense, when I got my account (something I'm sure Emma_Sheehy123 wishes she had taken first) there were no filters, themes and control over our lives. I'm always looking for new accounts to follow, and I figured I would post some of my favorites. Also, shameless self promo, if you want to follow me here...

new_fork_city | I have heard multiple friends talk about this account randomly, started by my roommate and her sister! It's been really cool to see it grow and learn about what happens behind the scenes. They take tons of submissions if you have the perfect food picture.

juliahengel | By far one of the most stylish people on the planet- I wish I could raid Julia's wardrobe. She pretty much lives the life traveling the world and has amazing backdrops. 

hellokatyxo | I have expressed my love of Katy's videos for years, and of course she has an amazing Instagram account (with a perfect theme).

atlasthesamoyed | Remember the dog in The Proposal? As much as I love my black cats, I have a dream of a Samoyed named Kevin. Since my parents have refused to get a dog, this is the next best thing. 

Have a great day! {Image}

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