Things I Want To Do...

Every summer, I make a list of things that I want to do. Last year I actually got around to getting most of the stuff crossed off, but because I work on the weekends and rarely have whole days off. Nonetheless, I'd like to cross of one of these things before arriving in Heathrow. 

Cooking Class  I absolutely love cooking, and T.R. can't boil water to save his life. Really hoping to get out and actually take a class before the summer is over, especially in the baking department. 

Visit "The Beach" For everyone in the D.C. area, this has probably kept popping up in your newsfeed, but the National Building Museum just opened an exhibit called "The Beach" that is essentially a huge adult ball pit. 

Sky Dive May be crazy, but I have wanted to this my whole life and just haven't gotten around to umm...taking the leap. One of my family members in England has done hundreds of jumps (at over 30,000 feet!) so I may wait until I go across the Pond. 

Happy Wednesday! May your week be filled with adventure! {Image one// two}

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