Thursday Thoughts: Paper Towns

Just a quick thought post hump day. As a lover of all things Green, I had to see the Paper Towns movie. Of course I liked the book a lot, but for the first time, Holly and I agreed that with the changes to the ending and visual themes, it was a rare case of the movie being better. What was interesting was that in comparison to The Fault in Our Stars the movie didn't gross nearly as well. 

I loved this response to the movie from the author's brother, Hank. (Pause here for you to watch the video.) The other thing that Holly and I agreed with was that this was the first time where teenagers in a movie actually acted like teenagers. They were normal looking, had awkward moments and did their homework. Perhaps this is a look into the very exciting high schoolers that Holly and I were that this was so important to us...I think Hank does an amazing job explaining the real concept of the book. Sometimes the most amazing moments in life are not the biggest or the grandest, but the most subtile. It doesn't need to be a Tom Cruise thriller or have Ansel Elgort in the cast to be meaningful or incredible- but that's ok.

Have a great start to your weekend!

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