1st Cooking Class

Now that the semester is coming up and the dog days are upon us, I always feel the need to start planning everything. Since I knew that I wanted to do something fun with my grandma, I decided to look into booking a cooking class at Sur le Table. 
The class runs around $75, however if you look online, a lot of them are half price. Between times and convenience, I signed us up for the "Best of Summer cooking." We went in not knowing what to expect and had a great time. Naturally I didn't want to turn it into a photo shoot in front of everyone, but I did get some sneaky pictures of the food we made (which was out of this world amazing). 

We made a carrot, lemon, mint and feta salad, onion and zucchini fritters with Tahini sauce and peach summer cake with whipped cream. Even though we didn't have a full on meal at the end, I was too busy savoring everything to care. I have always loved cooking, even from a young age. (It was pretty funny looking around at the store and realizing that so many of the things there I had gotten at gifts in elementary school at my birthday parties.) 

Overall, it was a great experience and I leaned a couple of sneaky tricks (how to make the perfect whipped cream) and some obvious ones (that I've been holding a knife wrong my whole life...). If you get the chance, it's a great gift or girl's night for your best friend, mom or grandma! Have a great start to your week!

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