Book Rough Draft Sample: Back To Middle School

Middle school was also a time of bangs and plays. To start, DO NOT get bangs. Unless you have had them your whole life and the skin on your forehead has never seen the sun, you will not be happy. I’m pretty sure that I got bangs because of a Disney Channel star, but after a couple days, I was ready to fortunately it was 2008, so the Bristol Palin bump was really big and I was able to hide it.
I was very into theater back in the day, and I would love to find a video recording of all our shows. You know when you look back at something and see it very differently than when you were experiencing it live for the first time? Though it felt like we were serious actors performing these intense, tear jerking scenes, in reality the audience was probably thinking “who are these children” and “oh, how cute.” But we were *serious* actors.
One of the best book series was the Clique Books. We were required by our English teacher to read a certain number of pages and give a report at the end of finishing a book. I would honestly love to be forced to read for fun for a class- Bucknell, could you hear this? Anyway we were always forced to talk about our book and mention the titles and there was nothing more embarrassing than announcing that you read Revenge of the Boysnatchers last week. Anyway, the stories were centered around a clique (makes sense) and a girl who ran the group named Massie Block. The books were incredibly descriptive, and because the girls were insanely wealthy and so we knew all of the names of designers at twelve years old. Massie was always known for making her “Current State of the Union” where she listed clothes, guys and events that were in and out. So in true Massie Block fashion, a run down of what was going on in 2008.

Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch-anything that includes a subtle, yet prominent animal logo
Crocs (probably without socks Emma)
Going to Pentagon City Mall
Razor phones, or any phone in general

Jelly shoes
Hanging out at the elementary school mall

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