The First Few Days

So I just wanted to post a quick bit about the first couple of days and what I have noticed about my new hood, as well as being in a completely different culture. (Also look for a lot of outfit posts coming in the upcoming days!) Some of the things that came to mind:

The Dress | From the moment we got off the plane and on to the bus that took us to our flat and looking out the window at the people on the streets, I have officially accepted that gym clothes are not cutting it around here- at all.

Looking Right | Ya know that thing about how they drive on the left in the UK? It's terrifying and buses do not give a damn if you are in the way. 

The Prices | London is expensive. No really, it's expensive. More expensive than you just imagined. I thought New York was out to get me, but it has nothing on this town. This may also be due to the fact that I have made the executive decision that despite my love of cooking, it's just going to be too much work to make food in our kitchen...

The People | It's not a huge difference (all English speakers) but the people here are a little colder, despite the fact that they are wearing jackets in August. What has surprised me is the reciprocated interest in our culture.

There also doesn't seem to be too much of a concern for saving bags and recycling?

Also, aside from this blog, I also have vlogs on my YouTube channel and have been trying to Instagram as much as possible, so follow if you like!

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