Thursday Thoughts: The "Good Girl"

Like many people my age, I am still living with the consequences of having pages that I liked ages ago pop up on my newsfeed and I still have yet to unlike all of them. One of these is TSM or Total Sorority Move, the sister group of Total Frat Move. They post articles regularly about Greek life, written by college age students with the pseudonyms "Hot Piece" or "America's Big." While some of them are entertaining or funny, every once in a while, I come across one that just makes me shake my head. 

Tonight I came across one titled I Regret Being a "Good Girl" In College and So Will You. This was appropriately read on a night that I decided to work and try to get to sleep early rather then hitting up the bars to start the weekend. The basic jist of the article was a senior deeply regretting her "perfect" three years of college getting good grades and partying occasionally rather than blacking out multiple times a week and that you should be out there raging whenever possible. 

As someone who is a self proclaimed 35 year old in the body of a 20 year old, this article struck me in a lot of ways. I will admit that as an introvert who loves to stay in, I'm on an opposite spectrum, however I wanted to put in my two cents for anyone who has ever felt alone in their take on this viewpoint.

To be honest, after two years of college, the best experiences I have had have been heart to hearts with my friends, cooking in my Big's apartment and movie nights on one of my friend's beds. There have definitely been some great stories that have come out of parties, but it was much more about the fact that I was with my best friends than anything else. I get that she meant the idea of being free and having a great time taking advantage of having fun, but it seems that the article looks at drinking as the only way to get there when in reality, it's far from it. If you wanna be a good girl, there is nothing wrong with that, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

You do you, and I'll do me. Thanks for reading and  have a great weekend!

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