Travel Plans

I hope that you have been enjoying seeing all of the pictures and vlogs! I just wanted to write out the general plan for the semester. Plans change and things move around, but here are the weekend trips that will hopefully happen. (As I am writing this, I realized how blessed I am to even have these opportunities to travel- seriously go abroad if you can.)

United Kingdom | Other than being in London, my friends and I are hoping to go up to Edinburgh and Mama Sheehy will be coming in a couple of weeks to explore!

Spain | I have never been to Spain and would like to go to Barcelona for the weekend, though the pickpocketing stories that I've heard have freaked me out. Hopefully it will be a little warmer and sunnier than England!

Italy + Switzerland | With doing a program through Bucknell, we have a Thanksgiving Break in which some of my friends and I are going to be going to Rome, Florence and Switzerland for the 10 days we have off. 

Morocco | This is a bit of a random one, but with a lot of planning it may be one of the highlights of the semester. We are hoping to ATV in the desert, hang out by the sea and ride camels! (Inevitably, something crazy will go down.)

France + Netherlands | As part of our program, we are going to Paris and Amsterdam. I have never been to either of these cities, but I am most excited for the day trip we are taking to Versailles!

Ireland | Getting there is not much of a long trip (the island next door) so hopefully we can squeeze it in before leaving in December.

Have a great end to your weekend! {Image} 

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