Harry Potter Part 1

Because I am a typical American university student studying in England I of course had to make it over to WB Harry Potter studios aka the place that created the most important movie of childhood. As much as it sounds like an exaggeration, when listening to the intro video, it was a bit overwhelming. There are few things that I would sum up my childhood (Third Eye Blind and PBS kids comes to mind) Harry Potter would definitely be one of them. The first Harry Potter book was the first "real chapter book" I read as a kid and I remember where I was seeing every movie. Hermione was the choice Halloween character for years and I can't remember the number of times I pretended with my friends that we were in his world. If you find yourself in Watford and are a Harry Potter fan, go. 

Some of the truly incredible (and original) pieces of artwork that I spent a lot of time looking at.

We tried the Butterbeer- which I recommend, though the buttery cream on top was a lot better than the soda. I also took this picture above, which may not be the most interesting, but shows the amount of machinery that went into making magic look real.

Oh Aragog, how you used to terrify me as a child.

Going into the tour, I knew my favorite was going to be Diagon Alley. It was incredible and took me back to being a kid and wanting to buy cauldrons and wands for my (non existent) classes. The castle was also incredible- the pictures do not do it justice because it is huge and a great way to end the tour. 

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