I'm Almost There Book Section: The Middle School Years

The book is chugging along- though I have been trying to not be on my computer all day and want to actually trying to get out and appreciate London. Of course I had to include some great middle school pics circa 2008. Thanks for reading!

OH, WHAT WOULD A SHORT STORIED BOOK BE without some of the most awkward of middle school days. The year was 2006- a time of pants that looked like leggings, when mix CD’s were the rage and when Miley Cyrus was just starting out as Hannah Montana pre-pixie. Fortunately social media was not really a big thing so things weren’t really documented super well and by the time it came out in 8th grade we looked pretty decently so we could hide from the pain of people bringing it up in 10 years. 

It feels like now early teenagers are so cool and somehow skipped this awkward period where they actually are cool. This may also be due to the fact that we can now photoshop anything now and have the power of digital cameras. Before, you couldn’t choose what came out, you just had to hope for the best. Even my first digital camera when I was 11 didn’t have the power of filters and photoshop. What you saw was what you got. 

Not a whole lot happened, but I just remember a whole lot of horrible fashion choices. The best happened in junior girl scouts, when we were asked to model in a charity show. This was a pretty big deal. The reason we were chosen for this event was because my mother worked for Macy’s. Being the over confident children that we were, everyone treated us like celebrities for a solid couple of days leading up to the event. In the end, it ended up being a great experience- some references to ANTM may have been mentioned, and we carried on our way thinking we were some pretty hot stuff for the next week. The funniest thing however, was when we finally for the photos up online a year later once everyone had established their secret Facebook, I saw the photos in a new perspective. This is something that really put into my mind when looking through photos online now. Do you ever wonder if this is the way we’ll all look back at photos from college? All a great memory, but maybe not worth the effort of uploading, tagging and worrying. 

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