New Video + Random Updates

Quick confession, lately, I have been going through a bit of a timing crisis. Now that I am a college junior, the idea of  thinking about "the future," all I really want to do, and have ever wanted to do is something creative. For me that also means finding the time to write, make videos and blog. The problem comes when it comes to getting time to sit and get it done and I often find myself up late at night posting, emailing and working. 

There have been a couple of things that I want to improve on, including posting on time. Whenever I am in a different time zone, it's almost always in California and 3 hours behind, but being 5 hours ahead of the East Coast should help with that! The next month is going to be pretty relaxed staying here in England and then the next month will be chaos, so hopefully I will have a good routine before traveling!  

On another note, I uploaded a new video (after weeks of trying to edit it) on some of the things that I have noticed are different in the UK. Before leaving for the semester, I watched a ton and wanted to add my own two cents- I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching and reading my blog in general. Looking at numbers, I know you are out there, so thank you so much! 

P.S. I pretty much finalized all my trips and in the next 3 months I will be going to Northern England, Ireland, Morocco, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium and Germany, so stay tuned for lots of vlogs and photos!

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