Things I Can't

Jumping off things gracefully is another- thanks Trefalger 
The other day I experienced one of those moments where I really felt like an adult. It started at Sainsbury's, the place of all adult decisions, where you get paper towels and soap because you want to be a sanitary member of society. The visit made me realize there are some thing I need to figure out in the next three semesters.

Budgeting | How much are groceries supposed to cost? Can I still buy those shoes? Will I have to move back in with my parents after graduation? These are the things I will never least, I don't know yet.

Taxes | I honestly still have no idea how taxes work and maybe never will...

Eating |
There is a specific falafel place that comes to mind. It always come downs to the last bite of food, where you have to decide whether or not to commit to looking like a hot mess trying to shove the bottom of the wrap into your mouth.

Grocery Shopping | As much as I do enjoy going to Trader Joe's, I never seem to actually get the food I need and have to come back ten times a week.

Short and random. Sorry. 

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