A Day in Dublin

I have learned my lesson, never book a flight for 6:30 unless it's absolutely necessary. After "missing" my flight (really, Ryanair?) and crying to my mother in the airport, I made it to Dublin. Here are some of my photos from our first day in Ireland.  

After making it to the hotel and dropping my stuff off, I made my way down to the city center. One of my favorite things is just walking around with a vague sense of direction and taking photos of things. It's the best (and cheapest) way to travel. I went over to Saint Stephen's Green, one of the most gorgeous parks I've ever seen. 

Trinity College in Dublin has a world famous library and being the English major I am, it was a must see.

All of the signs in the city had English and Gaelic writing.

I have never seen more green in my entire life. Doors, mailboxes, street signs- of course I couldn't help snapping pictures of everything. 

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