Fashion Friday: Daily Uniform

My lense is laughable at how impossible it is to use. Thanks Margaret for putting up with it!

Studying abroad in London is more of a country/city experience than a cultural one. Part of this means getting dressed every day to go to class. Because of this (and an 8:30 am lecture) I have developed an easy look based off of Primark availability and what I have seen other Brits wearing. Everyone in London wears these boots- and the chunky heel makes it easy to walk in. For anyone who likes the look of a sweater and collar without the bulkiness, dickies (aka bib collars) are the best. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Jumper // Primark     Watch // Michael Kors    
Dickie // Primark    Boots // H&M     Pixie Pants // J.Crew

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