Ryanir Rants

There is somethings about traveling that brings out the best and worst situations. I just wanted to share an experience that I had this weekend- for entertainment, but also for help for anyone studying abroad or going to Europe. 

I had heard about Ryanair and Because my family travels a lot to California, I'm pretty used to the convinces of United and understanding the ins and outs of D.C. area airports. My dad gave me some really good advice from his boss when they travelled to Asia- "traveling is about being precise." Boy, did I learn that this weekend. 

This weekend, I went on a trip to Dublin. It was the first time leaving England and the start of many trips in the next six weeks. Like many people my age abroad, I decided to book my flight with Ryanair- one of the big budget airlines. It started out when I had to get a different flying time for my ticket. It cost about a hundred bucks -which sucked- but ok, I understand.

My flight was at 6:30, which meant getting up at 3:30 am to catch the flight. Yikes. A flood of memories of getting up for crew practice came back. Fortunately, I got up and arrived at the airport at 5:30 and had about an hour, but without having to check a bag, I figured it would be fine. I checked in the night before and went to print out my ticket at the kiosk. It then read that I had to pay a 45 pound fee (about $70) because I checked in at the airport. I then went to the customer service desk where a less-than-enthusiastic man told me I didn't print out my ticket, and had to pay it to get on the flight. I then went back to pay and the screen said that I had missed the 45 minute mark and could not get on the flight. In a panic, I went back to the guy again and was told I would have to pay nearly $160 for a new ticket. Reluctantly, I agreed.

After finally deciding that I wasn't going to let the late fees ruin my weekend, I got on the plastic plane and made it to Ireland, swearing that I wouldn't let Ryanair milk me for money ever again. The return flight, I check in online, printed out my ticket, and gave myself more than enough time at the airport(and even had an hour long chat with Holly- thank you Dublin T1 wifi and time changes.) Everything seemed to be going ok, despite getting in the line going to Poland instead of London. I finally got to the little old Irish man taking tickets and was told that I couldn't get on. 

He stated "You're not part of the EU and didn't get your ticket stamped at the front, so we can't let you on the plane," showing me the very fine print that your ticket needed to be stamped. I never panic, and started to panic. There was no way NO WAY that I was going to spend hundred of dollars on another ticket. Either he took complete pity on me, or saw that I might pass out, and said "I understand and will let you on this time." Thank you, my guardian angel.

So, thank you Ryanair, for teaching me the importance of preparation. But you are a thieving, terrible company and I have a couple of flights with you in the future. I will come to battle more ready than before. {Image}

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