Thoughts for The Week: Comfort Zones

Just a quick food for thought on your Monday. Since I have class starting on Tuesdays, Monday has become the new "freak out to get all the work you procrastinated" day, so naturally I am putting off getting work done at the moment...

Personally, I am a fan of routine. I kind of thrive off of it, to be honest. Especially at Bucknell, I find it easy to follow a schedule of going to class, blogging and hanging out with friends at dinner. Knowing where to go and what the day will bring is easy and works, so why change it?

Now that I've been in London for 6 weeks, things are starting to become pretty normal. I know where I'm going on the Tube (for the most part), where the nearest store is I need to go and even helpful directions when strangers ask me for help. The semester is already flying by faster than I would like and lately I have been trying to break out of my comfort zone more, whether it's meeting more Brits, tackling new projects or just getting lost and it got me out of the weird funk I was in last week.

Do one thing every day that scares you. So much easier said than done, but honestly, the results lead to a more interesting and rewarding life- or a least some good stories. Have a great week! {Image}

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