Thursday Thoughts: Last Wish

Today I came across this article on my newsfeed. (If by chance you're reading this, thanks Susannah!) In the least morbid way possible, I think about death fairly frequently. Not really in the traditional sense, but in the idea of knowing our own mortality and trying to make the most of each day on Earth. One of the best things about having a close relationship with my family- especially older people in my family is that they give the best advice on life and what they wish they had known when they were young.

Being in elementary, middle and especially high school, I remembered how slowly things went by. A whole school year seemed like forever and graduation (aka freedom) felt like in a future lifetime. Since getting to college, the past two years flew by even faster. It was as if a gear suddenly turned really quickly and went into fifth gear.

Life is only going to go by faster and faster. What really makes me curious is that their last dying wish was for enjoying the little bits of life pleasures- eating an ice cream cone on the beach, seeing their favorite childhood painting. Maybe if we stopped worrying so much about trying to become the next big thing and appreciate more of what we already have, time might stand still a little slower.  

Have a great start to the weekend! {Image}

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