Holiday Cards

There are a lot of things traditions that my family has accidentally created. This includes a now annual Thanksgiving Brunch, fighting with my mom on mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes (which isn't even a question- who picks roasted?) and of course, procrastinating on our Christmas card. One year, we even sent out Valentine's Day cards because we had procrastinated so badly. This year, I decided to take the reins and we already have a photo picked out and are ready to go. (This is not only a fun task, but also allows the person in charge of the card to have complete control- I'm not an idiot here.)

Tiny Prints have some great ones, as well as some sales going on in the upcoming weeks. I ordered some business cards from them and the quality is incredible. Some of my favorites here, here and here. Have a great start to the week!

{Image one // two // three}

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