Kindness from Strangers

Over the last week, I've had a couple of encounters with strangers that I thought was worth sharing. 

Last week when I was packing up at 4 am for my flight to Barcelona, I realized that my camera was missing. This was more than just losing a camera- something that held both monetary and personal value, but also something that I need to create. After not being able to find it before my flight, I left without it. After coming home and ripping my flat apart, I decided to go to the one place where I might have possibly left it- in the Pret on the corner the night we got back from the airport. I reluctantly walked down the street knowing that there was no way I would find my camera and asking the cashier if he had seen a camera shown up and he looked at me like I had three heads. Just as I was about to walk away in defeat, the woman at the other cash register looked up and asked me what kind of camera it was. I told her it was a black Canon camera and she went to the back room to come out with my camera, explaining that they hadn't seen me around recently and was holding on to it in case I came back. I don't think it took her long after walking back into the room to know it was mine because I was smiling so big- I could not have been more thankful. 

Coming home from Stanstead Airport, I decided to take (the cheaper) bus instead of the train back to King's Cross. Getting into the bus, I realized that I was the only passenger on the hour long ride back to the city. It ended up being one of the best conversations that I've had in months and besides my professors, one of the first in a while with an adult. Being able to talk to someone and hear their life experiences is really enjoyable and you can come out of a random encounter with a new friend and a different prospective.

Stranger are great. Don't get into white vans, but when the chance comes to chat with someone new or help someone out, go for it. 


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