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Next semester, my plan is to make as much quality content for my blog/channel and write as much as possible. Fortunately the Lewisburg weather combined with the fact that so many of my friends are going to be abroad should be enough to keep my inside. I still have no idea how this project is going to turn out, but here's a small sample.

I am  a huge fan of the telephone. I know it’s something lost in our generation, but there is nothing like a great phone conversation. Of course when it comes to talking on a phone, I like to multitask. The only person who has the time to talk at any hour of the day would be my grandma. I love that woman and she is the greatest person I know. For being someone who is also the most devout Catholic, she has an ability to make me laugh more than anyone and is always down for a good time (which I usually drag her to). I noticed that for all of our conversations, there tends to be a similar pattern that goes something like this:

Me: Yo whattup.
Grandma: Who is this? Oh Emma!
Me: Nothing much just (insert doing something that I am currently multitasking on).
Grandma: Oh, so I see that you’re multitasking... Am I on speaker? That’s why I never hear you. How are you? How is *insert name of guy who I mentioned one time and haven’t talked to since*
Me: Grandma, I mentioned that guy one time.
Grandma: I just found *insert current even about Gisele and Tom Brady* He is such a quality man.

Me: By the way, did you get that letter I sent?
Grandma: Oh yes, it’s hanging on the bulletin board. I can’t believe I have multiple ones from each season this year!
Me: Are you ever going to get around to writing one back?
Grandma: I’ve just been so busy
Me: Grandma, you literally said you’ve been doing nothing all day today
Grandma: Well Emma, it was a tough winter, there was three feet of snow, I could barely get to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, yet alone the post office down the street.
Me: Well it’s June now.

(these are actual quotes from a recent conversation)

Grandma: I just wanted to say that that I was reading an article from my church newsletter. In the convent there is a nun whose job it is to take care of Ms. Fluffy, the cat and write a weekly blurb about what she does. You love cats so much, it made me think of you.
Me: You know what, that is seriously becoming a possible backup plan.
Grandma: I just don’t understand how you tell me that all of your friends are single. They are all so smart and beautiful from what you’ve told me and the pictures, I don’t understand how you are all single.
Me: At this point in the conversation, I don’t feel like explaining the college hookup culture to my devout Catholic grandmother. Me neither Grandma, HOW ABOUT YOU TELL ME.
Grandma: It’s just your generation these days, people are always putting off getting married *insert something related to Catholicism*
Me: Bye Grandma!

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