Morning in the Life: London Edition

A Very Typical Morning in London (and Most Other Places)
2:10 am  Starting the night before, going to bed way later than expected because the internet is trying to destroy my life.

5:45 am My alarm goes off because I either have an assignment I need to study for or are feeling really ambitious and want to go on a run or do laundry before class.

6 am -7:30 am My iPhone alarm goes off for about 2 hours and I keep on hitting it every 5 minutes- and apologize to my roommate.

7:45 am Drag myself out of bed and don’t realize how little time I actually have.

8:00 am Say bye to Margaret knowing that I am probably going to be late.

8:05 am Promise myself that I am going to leave in the next thirty seconds.

8:07 am  No, now it’s really time to go.

8:13 am Realize that there is no way that I am going to be on time, but there is a glimmer of hope.

8:15 am Just barely miss the 55 Bus after attempting to run. And realizing it’s not going to happen. Wait another 10 minutes for the bus to come while finding several 55 buses come on the other side of the street because that is how Karma works.

8:32 am Walk into my theater class and make no eye contact with anyone.
Mouth sorry to the professor and make eye contact with no one.


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