December Bucket List

One of my favorite bloggers Carly put together to do lists for each holiday month. I really liked this idea, because October, November and December seem to just swing by and making an actual list of things before time slips away. (By the way, how is 2015 almost over?) Here are some of mine, and I really encourage you to make one too in an attempt to combat the feeling of "I really should have done all of these things" come January. Have a great weekend! {Image}

Get afternoon tea in London | Kind of sad that I haven't done this yet...

See Wicked | My friends and I are planning on seeing it before we leave!

Holiday cards | This year, I was in charge of our family Christmas card. They were ordered and have arrived, but I still have to make sure they actually get mailed. 

Make it home in one piece | Kind of self explanatory. As I am packing things up, it's getting pretty more likely that some disaster is going to happen in the attempt to get home to D.C.

Bake holiday cookies with my mom | If they can look a quarter as good as the picture above, I will be overjoyed.

Finish my scrapbook from the semester | Slowly but surely getting there...

See the lights in NYC and London | I have been working on final papers and haven't been seeing much of the beautiful city. I have made a couple of trips down to Oxford and it is absolutely gorgeous and really puts your mind out of school work. My family is also hoping to make it to the city before New Years this year and I can't wait to finally see it all lit up!

Visit a new country | I am staying in Europe for one week longer and plan on seeing one or two more places before leaving!

Volunteer | After such an incredible year, I would love the chance to give back over winter break. 

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