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While looking through my Google Docs, and came across my first piece for HC that I never published. I put a lot of work into it, so I figured I'd publish it here- enjoy!

I will not forget hosting a recruit last weekend and hearing her say "wow I've been going to private school my whole life, I'm so excited to go somewhere where there's no uniform!" Oh young one, you have much to learn. I thought it would be useful to do different versions (and price points!) of some of the most loved wardrobe essentials by our female Bucknellians.


Waxed Jacket: This is the perfect essential for wearing to Super Saturdays or over a dress to add some polish to class. If you are not down for dropping $400 dollars on a Barbour, I highly recommend the J.Crew Field Jacket. Not only is it a quarter of the price, but I found it to be just as warm and durable as the Barbour. Though I do not own the H&M jacket, but my friend has a very similar one from the store and loves it!
Barbour Waxed Jacket//J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket (on sale!)//H&M Padded Jacket

Riding Boots: I'm pretty sure this is an essential no matter where you go to school. Though everyone I know who has Tory Burch riding boots swear by them, I love my Steve Madden ones- the light brown leather goes with everything. I think that shoes are something that you get what you pay for, and with something as classic as riding boots, I would say a splurge is justifiable here (most of the people I know who have the Tory Burch boots have had them for 5+ years and are still wearing them!). However, I have also found that my Steve Madden boots have lasted for 3 years and are a great option if you aren’t sure if you want to make the commitment to something you might not wear as often- something that I do is buy the inexpensive item first and then if I wear it until it’s worn, go back for the investment item.
Tory Burch Marlene Riding Boot//Frye Phillip Harness//Steve Madden Women's Albany

Leggings: I remember when wearing leggings as pants was unacceptable, but for anyone who hates jeans out there, these leggings are more structured and presentable than most (I live in my Pixie Pants from fall to early spring). There is not a huge price range between the different pairs, and Pixie Pants are a good price for quality pants (and are cheaper/ will get more wear than your jeans guaranteed).

Sunglasses: There is something about investing in nice sunglasses that forces you to take care of them. This is the one item that I say is worth the splurge. I bought my Ray Bans a few years ago and at the time my mother thought it was a waste of money, however three years later and my whole family- including my mother, is wearing them. Though I have tons of friends who constantly lose their cheap sunglasses, I have never had a friend lose their Ray Bans. Not only are they timeless and go with everything, but the customer service is really great. If you are still hesitant about the shape, try them out with this Sheriff and Cherry pair.
Ray Ban Aviator Gradient//Sheriff and Cherry Metal Aviator Sunglasses (super sale)

And there you have it- whether you decide to splurge or save, everything you need for fall at the right price. Thanks for reading!

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