Sorry for the delay in posts, but coming home on December 22 and rushing into Christmas, it's been a crazy week. I wrote this while waiting for my flight and finally got around to posting... Sorry for the delay!

Dear Four-Months-Ago-Emma, 

As I am driving to Heathrow this morning, I can't help but think of the last four months. I know you had no idea what to expect when leaving Reagan Airport August 15, and thinking that you overpacked-which ya did.

This experience is going to have some of the highest highs and lowest lows in the upcoming months, though in retrospect, the lows are things that make up great stories. 

You are also going to have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places in the world. Don't take them for granted. Some people only dream of being able to see Paris, not experience it on a paid for class trip that is part of your curriculum. Do the readings- and go to every Monday night theatre show, no matter how tired you are. 

This semester, you'll grow up more than you ever have in your entire life. You'll make big changes like learning to unpack and do laundry ASAP and the value of tidiness and how much better it is to be early. There is also a lot to learn, but you have time. 

Running is the best way to see any city. It's ok even if you get lost because somehow you always find your way back. Go to Barcelona- it will be one of your favorite places, even if you walked around alone. Keep in touch with your friends and family back home- they are the greatest people in the world and will warrant you always sending postcards, even if you know that they seldom write back. Go to Paperchase for the most amazing stationery and get used to Pret quickly, because you're about to be their best customer.

Take living in London for everything it's worth. In a place that makes NYC look cheap, it's almost impossible for young people to live. Living in a city is also incredibly inspiring and you will continue being a sponge. 

You will be back again, maybe soon, maybe moving permanently one day or maybe when you bring your own child like Mummy did when she brought you to Rome and refused to do anything touristy after studying abroad, but you will be back. In the meantime, keep looking for adventure, say yes to the difficult and please, try to travel light for once. 



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