No Phone, No...Problem

One of the most interesting experiences this semester has understanding been my relationship with cell phones. This semester, I basically had no fully working phone. (A shock for any millennial or parent for that matter.) I could access things with wifi, but when it came to data, calling and texting, but that was about it.

In Rome a couple of weeks ago, my water damaged, cracked iPhone hit the floor and was done. I then really realized what it was like for a good two weeks without my phone. No alarm clock, no place to upload photos instantly, no Snapchat, running music, map- nothing. I finally got a new phone, but there was a lot that I learned in this interesting experience. Going without a phone, you realize:

- How incredibly dependent we all are on technology. Even if you decide not to have a phone, it can be a real inconvenience to everyone who has one and needs to contact you.

- How much more you notice when not constantly scrolling through a feed and how much people are constantly on their phone.

If you can, I highly recommend trying to go a day without a phone and see what happens (if you survive). Check out this awesome video from Refinery29 on the matter. Have a great weekend! {Image}

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