Thursday Thoughts: Happiness

Tonight I decided to go out and finally see WickedOn my way home from seeing the show, I decided to take the bus from Oxford Street. After waiting for 20 minutes, there was no 55 bus coming (typical), the rain went from drizzling to pouring (thank you England) and I was going to walk home 2 miles in the rain. At that point I thought to myself forget it, I'm going to make the most of it and went home listening to my favorite music. It ended up being one of the best parts of my week. 

I think that we all want to be happy. Happiness is not really a thing you get, but a decision of being. This semester has been about seeing the positives in everything. For every amazing place I had the privilege of seeing, there was a panic, missed train or 6 am flight. It can be really easy to focus on those moments, but in the end, we got to spend a semester in Europe, so who cares?

When I went to Honduras on a mission trip, I saw poverty first hand- people who didn't know what cell phones were or even have running water in their homes. Despite this, they were some of the happiest and most appreciative people for their life. At the same time, there are millionaires and celebrities out there with everything who are miserable every day. No amount of money will buy anything that can make you happy with yourself, no matter how much we want to believe it.

There is an incredible power in fighting negativity with happiness. Whether it's people or situations, once you decide to ignore them, you have the control. I hope that everything goes your way, however even when something happens that is straight up terrible, just put on your music, walk home and smile at strangers. {Image}

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