F. Scott

Warning: Extreme amounts of English lit love, but classes started again, so it's been on my mind. My bad.

After months of intention, I finally got around to sitting down and finishing The Great Gatsby, a book that is now tied with The Giver as my favorite young adult fiction novel. F. Scott Fitzgerald has a gift for crafting some of the most beautiful lines of literature I've ever read. Not only is the message timeless, but it is also so incredibly well written. (I actually have been to the University Cottage Club at Princeton where he wrote in their library and is home to a first edition Gatsby and his desk.) I have yet to watch the movie, but watching it will likely be part of my weekend plans. 

I'm now trying to get my hands on his book of short stories. Of course, one of the best things about the internet is that there is an enclave for every passion out there and I found some amazing art inspired by his work. Here are some of my favorites and have a great day!

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