Golden Boy

After watching the Golden Globes a couple of weeks ago, I realized how many DiCaprio films I had yet to watch. Since then, I have been consumed with watching as much of Leo's work as possible. He is truly one of the most incredible performers and takes on the most interesting projects. Of course like everyone, I loved him in Titanic and Inception, but here are three of my all time favorites. 

Despite all of the internet jokes on how many times he has been snubbed at the Oscars, hopefully this will be his year!

When I first saw the trailer for Shutter Island, I thought that it was a generic horror movie. The script is incredibly well written as the story of a man looking to solve a crime and come to terms with his own mind. 

In no way am I being original or profound, but this movie is incredible. If you haven't seen it and are thrown off by a 3 hour Scorsese film, don't. I would highly recommend not watching this with any parental figure in your life (and dogged a bullet when my mother said that she was too busy to watch it with me). 

Jonah Hill is great and from the drugs to language and spending, the entire movie pushes the boundaries of what greed and the pursuit of wealth can do to a person. 
I have officially joined the Leo-and-Kate need to be together. This film is truly brilliant and the chemistry and emotion between these to actors is undeniable. (Also if you have time, make sure to watch Kate's Golden Globe acceptance speech for her role in this film.)

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